Blessers Must Fall

Blessers Must Fall Campaign is one of the prestigious Programs of the Madiba Foundation and it was encouraged by the current trend/ high rate of Children and Women Abuse, Human Trafficking, Chronic Diseases, Teenage Pregnancy, Prostitution, Rape, Drugs & Alcohol Abuse globally.

The intension is based on encouraging Learners and members of the community under the theme “#BlessersMustFall” and display solid foundation of qualitative values (Caring, Listening, Sharing, Respect, Good Health, Passion) of united vision orientated Society. Madiba Foundation envisages achieving or instilling the importance of prioritizing self-inner peace and making Education Fashionable or a lifestyle for Learners & Students.

It was found that amongst the contributing factors of Life-threatening Challenges the major corner stone is the newly adopted life style of young girls being in relationship(s) with older men (Blessers) just to accumulate money or parents who impose relationship/ married to their young girls with an intension of eradicating poverty in their households. Madiba Foundation has embarked on a mission to roll out the Campaign Nationally, throughout the nine (9) Provinces.

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