Adopt a School

Matric Dance Fundraising

MATRIC dance night is one great event thing all Grade 12 learners look forward to but for their parents, it is sometimes a stressful time and has potentially financial strain.

Madiba Foundation wants to give parents a break this year; As part of our social responsibility to disadvantaged & community at large, The Foundation have come up with programs to help raise funds for matric take care of the dances at different schools across South Africa.

Madiba Foundation wants to ease parents’ wallets so that they can concentrate on paying for their children’s tertiary intuition for the following year

The Foundation is aware that some schools have decided not to take the responsibility of hosting matric dances because of the cost implications on parents and pressure from their children to spend for that day. Madiba Foundation would plan and structure different fund-raising activities for schools and coordinate them but would allow the learners to run with them.

Madiba Foundation will then be responsible for planning and preparing the matric dance event for all adopted schools; the Foundation will also organize relevant Speakers, Partners and Sponsors in order to ensure that the event (Matric Dance) be profitable and informative to all learners in matric for the current school year calendar. The Foundation’s main objective is to inspire and ready learners for their final examination through matric dance celebration. Our vision is to ensure that all schools which will be incorporated in this envisaged endeavor obtain 101% matric pass this year.

Talent Show & Beauty Pageant Fundraising

Madiba Foundation embarked on a mission to positively impact young lives and help schools fundraise for Learning Materials, Trips, Sanitary Towels and etc

The intention of this specific program is to improve the learning environment in schools, encourage young people to enhance the value of their talents and qualitative pathways/ platforms towards participants’ envisaged endeavor in the Arts entertainment industry.

Programs such as this magnitude provide encouragement to learners more especially from disadvantaged background and who have already lost interest & hope in their future.