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Educate, Entertain and Empower

Welcome To Madiba Foundation

Comfort At Heart
We welcome you to Madiba Foundation (MF), a Non-Profit Organization devoted to restoring destinies, raising leaders and igniting life of purpose. Madiba Foundation (MF), is the Organization which has Professional vision oriented Leadership which seeks to Educate, Entertain and Empower the Youth, strengthen relationships and marriages, spread the wings of professional Entertainment in Performing Arts, industrial theatre and cultural exchange globally. It is our objective that as you explore the contents of these pages, you will be Empowered, Encouraged and Enlightened by our Services.
Our Mission

Our Mission is to help families and individuals to consider living a courageous positive life; families heal through community support; eliminate the life threatening challenges such as Abuse in Marriages, Children & Women Abuse, Human Trafficking, Chronic Diseases, Teenage Pregnancy, Prostitution, Rape, Drugs & Alcohol Abuse either in family or personal lives.

Our Values

We believe that:

Caring : Caring helps and heal

Listening : Listening can ease pain and suffering

Sharing : Sharing our personal challenges will lead to healing and preventing future devastating unbecoming generation.

Respect : Personal experience of individuals who have managed to changed their bad behaviour have to be honoured and respected.

Health : Good health and prosperous future begins in our heads, hearts and hands, in everyday actions.

Passion : Passionate individuals can change the world

Our Vision

Madiba Foundation will lead and inspire a culture shift, couch and mentor individuals and families, as a result of which life-threatening challenges, poverty, illnesses and deaths are morally, socially and economically unacceptable.

Change Lives - Donate
Donations so far:
R 450 000
What We do
Madiba Foundation provides families and individuals with one-on-one peer support, Counselling, Mentoring & Couching, Talent Development and etc; the Foundation creates the opportunity to promote public awareness and emotional support. Madiba Foundation is supported by a group of volunteers from across the country who have been personally touched by life-threatening challenges and poverty within their communities.